18-inch T-Hinge


Our most popular penny-ender….. and probably the most widely used for the last three or four centuries. It succeeded the strap and pintle, a simple bar looped at the end to fit over an L-shaped pin driven into the door frame. It is neater, uses less metal and makes for a better fitting door. You couldn’t lift it off to make a trestle table for killing the pig or a family wake…. but now you don’t need to, so the garnet is the supreme hinge for old-fashioned boarded, ledge-and-brace doors. All hinges are priced per pair. If you need an odd number please e-mail Sales@forgeriesonline.co.uk when you order.


Additional information

Weight1450 g

170mm (7 ins) x 30mm (1.25 ins)


50mm (2 ins)

Long Arm

460mm (18 ins)


510mm (20 ins)

Product No