What We Do

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At Forgeries we do honest, hot-hammered iron….. no fancy alloys, no machines except a vicious electric brush, no castings, no chemical patinas, no fake hammer marks or glossy powder coating.

Some’s made ourselves, some just to our designs, copied from originals (and not from our rivals : they copy from us !). We don’t buy from Far East catalogues. And no middlemen.

We aim to keep everything in stock, but sometimes that falls apart and the stock’s in piles on the floor waiting to be fettled, brushed and waxed.

We do offer a bespoke service but don’t think spiral staircases or garden furniture. If you need something that’ll fit in a shoe box, send us a sketch and we’ll tell you if we can and how much it’ll cost.

Forgeries started in 1987, at the height of the stripped-pine boom, two or three recessions ago, We realised then that flimsy, glossy, black-japanned ‘rabbit hutch’ hinges just didn’t cut it.

And the lesson was then and still is…. don’t let the detail let you down.



Beam Hook

Beam hooks strong enough to hang the carpenter and dresser hooks more suitable for cups or coats. We do nail hooks for wellies and hooks on backing plates to look smart by the door.


In half a dozen different patterns and a dozen different sizes, for garage doors or kitchen cupboards. The best-sellers are penny end garnets. The prettiest are little butterflies and we like our holy lords and arrowhead Hs too.


Nails by the kilo or the handful, to work or just look good, from an inch to three-inch. We’ve screws by the box or the packet. We’ve got countersunk, self-coloured and slot head. Or round heads in black lacquer. Philips is one cross you don’t have to bear.

Bolts & Latches

Latches for bedroom doors or kitchen doors, bolts for backdoors and stable doors. Then we do fish-tail catches to close for windows and stays to hold them open, all with knobs on if you want them or plain black iron if you don’t.



Send for a sample - no charge. The e-mail's set up (link). We just need the item you want to see, an e-mail address and a postal address. Excuse the screening process - we get lots of spam.


We'll make you one - a personal service which few of our competitors can offer. If you need a 'special' e-mail a sketch or a photo and we'll come up with ideas or a price.... from bare metal or adapting pieces from stock.


Some items we've made to order... Bannister brackets, shutter bars, shutter catches, security bars, gutter brackets, pintle hinges, shelf brackets.


Tell us if it's to be painted. Our standard waxed finish won't take paint but we can supply in bare brushed metal or primed with red-lead to take any colour you like. Just e-mail as you order.


Call in at the workshop. You'll be welcome but phone or e-mail first to ensure we're not on site or buried in paperwork. We can talk about what we do. And what you need.


We supply across Europe and across the Atlantic. But metal's heavy on freight and then there's currency to talk about so contact us first. If it's a big order, we'll go half and half or better.


Need a hinge cranked ? Or re-sized ? Or a hinge blank made into a shelf bracket..... We'll modify any of our items, usually for free. Or need advice ? Give us a call 01962 842822. We love talking about hot metal


Our stock is still a bit basic..... the trouble is, deciding what people want.... so suggestions welcome ! E-mail us.... or better still put a comment on 'Disquss' and start a conversation.


Any ideas for improving our range ? We're looking at door-knocker prototypes and more specialist hinges... coxcombes, chest hinges, snipesbills, plus hasps and staples, cabin hooks, shutter bars.

About Us

Forgeries started in a barn conversion when we realised that flimsy, glossy, black-japanned ‘rabbit hutch’ hinges just didn’t cut it. It was 1987, at the height of the stripped-pine boom, two or three recessions ago and through them all ‘the hinges’ survived as ‘the barns’ went to the wall.

We’ve got a forge that’s big enough for what we do but too small to do anything much bigger, a deep-fat fryer as a hot-wax dunker and a vicious electric brush that’ll take your fingers off as soon as look you.

There’s parking just around the corner, unless you’re planning a two-hour visit.

There’s a pub, the Jolly Farmer, which does a reasonable lunch, just up the road that and a cash machine at Tescos 200 yards away or at the railway station a bit further.

Winchester’s a bit of a walk into town but not impossible and the station’s just down the road.

Call in whenever you like….. But we’re not there all the time so call first – 01962 842822. You’ll be very welcome – some people even get a tea or a coffee and we just love talking hot metal.