15-inch T-Hinge


The usual choice for a normal, standard 27-inch (685mm)door, our work-horse, sometimes used with a 12-inch version as the lower hinge if the door looks tall or narrow, or with a third hinge halfway down the door. Traditional practice is use three T-hinges or garnet hinges to stop a door warping in an unusually damp position, like a bathroom. All hinges are priced per pair. If you need an odd number, email when you order Sales@forgeriesonline.co.uk


Additional information

Weight750 g

140x27x4mm (5.5 x 1 x 0.2ins)


welded, 50mm (2 ins) deep

Long Arm

361mm (15 ins) tapered in width and thickness


400mm (15 ins)

Product No