6-inch T-Hinge


It’s very much like the ‘straight 8’ garnet hinge, just as strong, a little more dainty but still not ‘miniature’. The shoulder piece is the same as the next two larger versions in the range so it makes a perfect choice for a mix-and-match…. and it’ll still take a wardrobe door or even the trap into the roof space. All hinges are priced per pair. If you need an odd number please e-mail Sales@forgeriesonline.co.uk when you order.


Additional information

Weight240 g

80x25x3mm (3.1 x 1 x 0.2ins)


folded & welded, 45mm (1.8 ins) deep

Long Arm

152mm (6 ins) tapered in width and thickness


191mm (7.5 ins)

Product No