Getting a grip on drawers, cupboards, doors

A mix here…. brass and iron, cast iron and forged iron, hammered and turned. We don’t do much brassware but we had some made to our design as an experiment and the results looked so good against our hand-forged ironmongery that we thought our customers might think so too.

We don’t cast iron here but our range of cupboard knobs, like most Forgeries items copied from originals, offers a few to choose from, including a couple of probably the heaviest doorknobs available, solid cast iron (test it with a magnet) and very tactile. Our handles are hammered out from lumps of red-hot iron.

If there’s an awkward item looking for a home, we’ll make up a ‘special’ or if you’d rather the dresser hooks screwed in, we’ll put a thread on…. you get the idea. If it’s shelf brackets you need, just send us a sketch.