Sample Request

We're happy to send out samples for free.

If you order that's nice. If you don't no harm done and if you get round to sending it back, that's nice too.

We do it this way because it works ! Most people go on to use Forgeries.

We've improved our pictures so they're enlargeable to get a good idea of the finish and the construction and we've added basic specifications but there's nothing like holding a piece in your hand.

If it's difficult to picture how an item might look - use our sample service. You request it, we send it, you decide! If it's right for you, we make up an order & send you an invoice for the whole lot - if it's not, you just send it back. Just fill in the box below & click on 'Send'

First Name:
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Item Requested:
(Please try to remember to include which size/type is required)
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