Mild steel will rust. Don't let it go on to long. Use steel wool, then furniture wax polish
Cross-sell no. 1
Most metals, especially iron, 'bleed' into un-treated hardwood, especially oak, when it gets wet.
Dove-tail nails for maximum grip. Different angles also helps protect the wood from splitting.
A hand-made piece deserves a better fixing than cross-head screws. Use nails or slot-heads.
Many carpenters use nails on a door, screws on the doorframe, so the door'll come off later if needed.
Old carpenters say a T-hinge should be 2/3rds the width of the door but it's really what looks right.
Cut nails grip better than 'wire' nails, but not as good as 'annular' nails.
Stable doors often have a long T top and bottom, with two shorter ones in the middle but whatever looks right IS right.
Butt hinges which fit into rebates in door and frame are more difficult to fit than Ts or Hs.
Need fixings for your Forgeries forgeries ? We've got old-fashioned rose-head nails, from 25mm to 50mm, to match your hinges. So don't betray your hinges with plated cross-head screws !
As a rule we don't do brass, partly because of the difficulty of finding the old alloy mix, which has a much redder, coppery colour than modern brass. But little shutter knobs are hard to find in any alloy
Need fixings for your Forgeries forgeries ? We've got old-fashioned slot-head self-coloured countersunk screws and black enamelled round heads
You've hung the door. Now think about opening it. Our suffolk latch page has a huge variety of mix 'n' match variations.
Fancy a coat hook on the back of your door, to match the ironmongery ? Take a look at our 'beam hooks'... and 'nail hooks', especially for bedrooms and bathrooms

Getting the hang of it, for coats, cups or keys

No home complete without a hook... or dozens of them, here, there and everywhere. Most of our's are plain, with just a hint of ornament but they're all designed for a particular purpose. And like all Forgeries hand-made ironmongery they're all to our own designs, copied from real originals. We're expanding the range, so come back soon for another visit and take a look at what's new.

If there's an awkward item looking for a home, we'll make up a 'special' or if you'd rather the dresser hooks screwed in, we'll put a thread on.... you get the idea. If it's shelf brackets you need, just send us a sketch.

Beam Hook£3.75
Anything that'll hang and looking for a home..... wellies, coats, brollies, hats, bags. Made from heavy iron bar, the end hammered flat and curled over. Nailed to woodwork or screwed into a masonry plug, with a single fixing hole
Beam Hook
Price: £3.75
Height: 100mm
Diametre: 8mm
Gap: 40mm
Weight: 60 gr
Product No: HK104
Nail Hook£1.00
The Plain Jane of hooks..... simply made from an ordinary nail. Less delicate than our dresser hooks but sturdy
Nail Hook
Price: £1.00
Height: 40mm
Diametre: 8.5mm
Gap: 14mm
Weight: 10 gr
Product No: HK105
Large Dresser Hook£0.90
The biggest we do..... for the biggest of cups but also could be useful for coats or towels. Just make a pilot hole on the edge of the shelf and hammer it in.
Large Dresser Hook
Price: £0.90
Height: 40mm
Diametre: 3.5mm
Gap: 22mm
Weight: 10 gr
Product No: HK103
Medium Dresser Hook£0.80
Just make a pilot hole on the edge of the shelf and hammer it in. Probably big enough for a row of cups.... and the neatly curled end-piece adds a touch of ornament
Medium Dresser Hook
Price: £0.80
Height: 40mm
Diametre: 3.5mm
Gap: 17mm
Weight: 5 gr
Product No: HK102
Small Dresser Hook £0.70
Dresser hooks are designed to drive into the edge of shelves, eg on a kitchen dresser, but they work just as well on the edge of a worktop to take tea towels or inside a cupboard door for keys... or measuring spoons
Small Dresser Hook
Price: £0.70
Height: 27mm
Diametre: 3.5mm
Gap: 10mm
Weight: 5 gr
Product No: HK101
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