Mild steel will rust. Don't let it go on to long. Use steel wool, then furniture wax polish
Cross-sell no. 1
Most metals, especially iron, 'bleed' into un-treated hardwood, especially oak, when it gets wet.
Dove-tail nails for maximum grip. Different angles also helps protect the wood from splitting.
A hand-made piece deserves a better fixing than cross-head screws. Use nails or slot-heads.
Many carpenters use nails on a door, screws on the doorframe, so the door'll come off later if needed.
Old carpenters say a T-hinge should be 2/3rds the width of the door but it's really what looks right.
Cut nails grip better than 'wire' nails, but not as good as 'annular' nails.
Stable doors often have a long T top and bottom, with two shorter ones in the middle but whatever looks right IS right.
Butt hinges which fit into rebates in door and frame are more difficult to fit than Ts or Hs.
Need fixings for your Forgeries forgeries ? We've got old-fashioned rose-head nails, from 25mm to 50mm, to match your hinges. So don't betray your hinges with plated cross-head screws !
As a rule we don't do brass, partly because of the difficulty of finding the old alloy mix, which has a much redder, coppery colour than modern brass. But little shutter knobs are hard to find in any alloy
Need fixings for your Forgeries forgeries ? We've got old-fashioned slot-head self-coloured countersunk screws and black enamelled round heads
You've hung the door. Now think about opening it. Our suffolk latch page has a huge variety of mix 'n' match variations.
Fancy a coat hook on the back of your door, to match the ironmongery ? Take a look at our 'beam hooks'... and 'nail hooks', especially for bedrooms and bathrooms

Fixing... for strength, without losing 'The Look'

Back then, and still, fixings were a problem. The first 'nails' were wooden trennels - tree nails - dowel pegs, great for holding beams and joinery in place but not much use for attaching ironmongery. The early nails were laboriously produced one by one from soft, wrought iron. Each one required several actions and swift, accurate work. They were clenched easily but easily bent in use and the smooth finish made for poor grip, so many more were required.

Modern nails - forgeries and Forgeries' - are sheared from sheet steel with a head formed afterwards on the blank 'cuts'

Early screws had a parallel thread but a great improvement came with the pointed, tapered thread. The counter-sunk head appeared and the domed round-head, both slotted a new tool, the screwdriver. Larger ones - coach screws - used a square head, tightened with a spanner.

DIY stores now offer little except plated, self-tapping, crossheads, easy to use but a real give-away on any period property

Nails £19.50
Handmade nails, from soft iron, were hard to make but easy to bend in use and the smooth finish made for poor grip, so many more were required. Today hand-made nails are prohitively expensive but modern versions, sheared from sheet steel with a head formed afterwards, look the part.
Price: £19.50
Lath nail25mm850for fixing small items
Door nail35mm410for fixing ironmongery or construction
Door nail40mm500good for fixing hinges
Nail50mm300good for fixing hinges
Nail65mm200for flooring or cladding
Nail75mm160for flooring or cladding
Clasp nail50mm270discount to £10./kg traditional, work-a-day cut nail
Studs £15.00
We stock a drive-in standard stud, 40mm long with a raised pyramidal head about 10mm across (pictured), about 200 to the kilo. We also work on modern coach screws,to look like old, but only to order because we don't keep the blanks. Drive-in studs are difficult and time-consuming to make,so they're also just to order. E-mail us at sales@forgeriesonline.co.uk
Price: £15.00
Countersunk Screws £3.20
Slot-headed and self-coloured, made possible by Victorian engineering and the invention of the screwdriver but now hard to find. Look good where cross-headed, plated screws don't do justice to the the efforts to get everything else looking right. The stock we keep are 10gauge (3.5mm), from half an inch to one-and-half (20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm). We'll send 30mm unless you e-mail us requesting something else. They come in boxes of 100 but if you don't need that many, drop us an e-mail. (and they're NOT original Nettlefolds, sadly)
Countersunk Screws
Price: £3.20
Roundhead Screws
The round-head (actually half a sphere with a slot on top) appeared late on the scene, but still looks good for fixing metalwork. Shiny black enamel from head to point and slightly resistant to corrosion that can lead to staining on some badly-seasoned, or green, hardwoods. Some users file the head down to look like nails. We keep a basic stock but e-mail us if your needs are different.
Roundhead Screws
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